ApeCoin DAO NFT Marketplace Audit Report

Solidity.io is pleased to announce the completion of the Full-Stack Audit of the ApeCoin DAO NFT Marketplace developed by Snag Solutions.

The marketplace is a part of the approval of AIP-98: “A Community-First ApeCoin DAO Marketplace Proposal“, to build an NFT Marketplace centered around the YugaVerse.

In this build, Snag Solutions aimed to create a solution that was smart contract development free. This was done to streamline the NFT Marketplace’s go-to-market speed and reduce the probability of security vulnerabilities.

Solidity.io, as a Web3 solutions firm, focuses on providing blockchain development services, smart contract solutions, and audits. In this engagement, Solidity.io served as a Full-Stack auditor, meaning our focus was concentrated primarily on front-end and middleware to detect possible vulnerabilities, user interface inefficiencies, and/or unexpected code behaviors.

0xReservoir: To simplify the NFT Marketplace development timeline and scope, Snag Solutions opted to utilize the Reservoir protocol instead of natively developing smart contracts for the NFT marketplace. Using an NFT Marketplace liquidity aggregation platform allows the ApeCoin DAO Marketplace to aggregate liquidity from all other major marketplaces through their order book protocol. This removes the need for smart contract development on the developer’s part and allows smart contract functionality to perform as a black box within the provider. For the purposes of this audit, Solidity.io treated the 0xReservoir client kit as a black box and assumed its functional correctness. That being said, Solidity.io has no internal visibility to 0xReservoir or its functionality and cannot ensure its security as a product. However, we feel confident that no exploits to date have been found, and 0xReservoir has gone through extensive audits and testing. Their audits can be found here, and additional supporting documentation can be found here.

Solidity.io is excited and confident as we finalize the audit and move into the Bug Bounty Program prior to the go-live deployment of the marketplace. We appreciate Snag Solutions for the smooth and transparent communication and the ApeCoin community for this opportunity. We look forward to continuing our support of the ApeCoin community and marketplace.

Click Here to View the Full Audit Report.

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