and JRNY Club Partner to Expand Web3 Ecosystem and JRNY Club, two leaders in the fields of blockchain development and crypto community engagement, have announced a partnership to expand the web3 ecosystem. The collaboration aims to improve security, flexibility, and engagement for JRNY Club members, reflecting a broader industry trend towards integration and innovation. and JRNY Club: A Brief Overview A leading blockchain development firm and venture studio, focuses on providing blockchain development services, smart contract solutions, and security audits. The company works with some of the most prominent startups, protocols, DAOs, and brands to build and ship cutting-edge software solutions in the world of Web3.

JRNY Club: More than just an NFT membership, JRNY Club has a wide range of interests within the crypto community, including, the Planet XOLO gaming NFT collection, and a physical NFT gallery in Las Vegas.

The Problem with Digital Assets and a New Solution

The digital asset space is growing rapidly. On-chain tokens provide security but often lack user-friendly flexibility. To address this, the partnership is drawing on the $6.3 billion loyalty points industry, expected to reach $28.65 billion by 2030, to integrate off-chain tokens, creating a system that combines traditional loyalty programs with blockchain technology.

What’s Being Built for JRNY Club

Dynamic NFT Passes: This feature will enable JRNY Club members to continually update and change their NFT passes, adding dynamism to the NFT ecosystem.

Point-Based Rewards System: A Key Innovation for the JRNY Club

The point-based rewards system is a cornerstone of the Club collaboration, designed to provide JRNY Club members with tangible incentives to engage within the ecosystem:

Off-Chain Functionality: Faster, cost-effective transactions that offer a seamless experience.

Earning Rewards: Recognition and incentives for participation and loyalty within the JRNY ecosystem.

Spending and Utilization: Points act as a multifaceted currency within the community, used for purchasing content, accessing events, or trading with other members.

Integration with Existing Offerings: Broad applicability across various JRNY platforms and services.

Future Growth and Scalability: A flexible design that can adapt and evolve with JRNY Club’s growth.

Enhanced User Onboarding: The new process will open up off-chain tokens to other projects, providing more collaboration and integration opportunities within the JRNY Club ecosystem.

The architecture ensures scalability, meaning the system can adapt to JRNY Club’s growth and diverse project requirements.

What the Partnership Means for JRNY Community

The collaboration promises:

Improved member engagement with NFT collections.

Tangible rewards for loyalty, adding value to interactions within the ecosystem.

Increased inclusivity, leading to more collaboration and integration.

A design that can adapt and evolve as the community grows.


The partnership between and JRNY Club marks an important moment in the development of the web3 space. Both parties are committed to creating an ecosystem that not only meets the current needs of the JRNY community but also looks ahead to the future of digital assets. The combined expertise of’s technical team and JRNY Club’s community focus positions them as proactive leaders in a rapidly changing industry. Together, the token-based rewards system stands as a key innovation, likely to become a foundational aspect of the broader JRNY Club ecosystem.

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